What Steve Stands For...

“Our courts are the cornerstone of our constitutional system of government. I take my oath to uphold the constitution seriously and am honored to participate in one of the foundations of our democracy on a daily basis.

“As a judge, I will treat everyone with respect. From attorneys and advocates, to civil litigants and criminal defendants, every person should be provided basic human dignity. The judiciary must be professional, tolerant, and compassionate.”

As a judge Steven will:

  • Work cooperatively with co-workers and stakeholders in the court system to improve the court docket process, including motivating legislators to reduce budget strain on the court.
  • Bring his extensive and varied experience across many areas of law, including civil, family, criminal, and probate.
  • Work to develop and implement more robust alternatives for the Mental Health Court and Drug Courts in Washington County.
  • Develop a mandatory alternative dispute resolution program for the civil docket.
  • Actively work in educating the community in the role of the courts and functions of the criminal justice system to develop grass roots support for beneficial reforms of the system.

Steve has represented victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, sex crimes, and police officers injured in the line of duty by criminals. He brings justice to his clients, holding the defendants accountable for their actions. He’s represented countless homeowners and contractors in construction defect claims, as well as wrongfully terminated employees and victims of sexual harassment. Civil cases, family law cases, and probate matters constitute approximately 70% of the court’s docket, which shows the value and importance of having an attorney like Steven on the bench because he has such extensive experience in these fields of law.

Vote Steven C. Burke for Washington County Judge on May 19, 2020!